Table Title doesn't appear when retag table (content imported from Word)

Maxwell Hoffmann mhoffmann at
Wed Aug 16 14:21:50 MDT 2006

FrameUsers: I've encountered odd symptoms with retagging tables in FM7.1
(WinXP) that may be a bug. I am retagging a table that is in a converted
Word document, and the table title is appearing blank (not including
"TableTitle" paragraph.) If this is normal behavior, or if anyone has an
explanation, please advise me.

Normally in a document that has two table styles (one with table title,
one with none) if you select a table that has no title and retag it from
Table Designer as a style which does have a title, a blank table title
will appear. The table title zone will include the paragraph tag
"TableTitle" giving you autonumbered text "Table 1:" or whatever.

I am importing a Word doc into FrameMaker which has 2 types of tables.
The FM template has one table style defined with a title, the other
style defined without a title. After the Word doc is opened in FM, and
the template is imported, if I select a table and retag it as "FormatB"
which has a title, a "blank" table title appears, without the
autonumbered paragraph "TableTitle".  I have to manually insert the
title paragraph.

I get the same results if I import the contents of the Word doc "import
by copy" into an empty FM template.

If I go into Word, select the same table, then "paste special" into the
above mentioned FM doc as RTF, I can then select the table, retag it as
the style with title, and a full table title (including "TableTitle"
paragraph) will appear.

Has anyone else run into this?

I am using unstructured FrameMaker. My version of Word is Word2003.

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