EPS to PDF graphics and warning msg

Aronsson, Martin Martin.Aronsson at sonyericsson.com
Thu Aug 31 02:26:05 MDT 2006

Hi all,

Framemaker 7.0p579
All graphics imported by reference

In a book we replaced all EPS graphics with PDF replicas.  Method used:
Saving all files in the book as .MIF and then doing a search for "eps"
and replace all occurrences of that with "pdf". Then saving all MIF back
to FM again. (I am aware fo searching for ".eps" and replacing with
".pdf" would have been better, but it was not done that way in this
specific case).

When having done this and opening up one of the files in which EPS had
been changed to PDF, a warning message pops up:
" At least one original filter used for graphics imorted by reference is
not available, or the important file's format has changed. An
alternative filter may be used if the file is recognized as a graphic
Framemaker can support. "

After clicking ok and then saving the file again, this message is never
displayed again when opening this file and everything seems to be
working as expected.

I am just curious, what is causing this message to eb displayed? Because
in other cases we have used the very same method for changing the
graphics referencing from EPS to PDF, and  then this message has not
been displayed at all on any files.


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