FrameMaker and read-only files

Fred Ridder docudoc at
Mon Jan 22 11:05:13 MST 2007

FrameMaker's "Network File Locking" feature is very rudimentary.
All it does is check for the presence of a "lock" file with the same
name as the document but a secondary .lck extension in the same
directory as the document. If it finds a .lck file it displays a dialog
that tells you the file is locked; if there is no .lck file it opens the
document without a message and creates a .lck file so that anyone
else trying to open that file will see a "locked" message.

Bust since a CM or VM system makes a working copy of a file on
your local hard disk when you check it out, the .lck file mechanism
would only work if the CMS is "smart" enough to create a .lck file
on your local drive if and only if the file is locked in the repository.

My opinions only; I don;t speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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>Gordon --
>Are you saying the setting for Network File Locking in
>File>Preferences>General doesn't work in this situation?
>jan e patterson
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>Hello all,
>We are using Tortoise SVN to version control our FM files. It's mainly
>working fine but we are having problems getting FrameMaker to detect a
>locked file. You can set files to be locked when you edit them, but
>FrameMaker doesn't seem to pay any attention to the lock UNTIL you try
>and save the file. So you could open a locked file, work on it for an
>hour or two and only be notified when you try and save it. Not ideal.
>What we think is happening is that the file being locked is set to
>'read-only', but FrameMaker isn't detecting that, as it has an internal
>locking mechanism which looking for files that are currently being
>edited by others. So it seems to be ignoring the read-only files.
>My question is: Is there anyway to get FrameMaker to flag, ON OPEN,
>whether a file is read-only or not. Or is this not a FrameMaker issue at
>all but a 'nuance' of Tortoise?
>Any and all suggestions gratefully welcomed. This isn't a showstopper
>but very much in the 'annoyance' category!

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