Split cells in a table

wim wim at idtp.eu
Mon Jan 7 01:54:40 MST 2008

Hi all,
For one of my clients end users I created some table formats that are one
column wide across the text column. In some instances they want to change
the table body to use two colums. FrameMaker has no default menu option or
action to split cells in a table (as far as I know..). Adding a new column
makes the table flow over the edge of the page - thus making it hard for end
users to resize. Also the table header needs to be straddled after adding a
new column. 

Is there some (end user!) tool or script available that can be used to
easyly split a cell into two separate cells without having to resize or
restraddle the whole table?

We use unstructured FrameMaker 7.2, and FrameScript 3.2 installed.


Vriendelijke groet,

Wim Hooghwinkel


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