List of linked graphic file locations

J. Paul Kent jopakent at
Tue Jan 29 08:26:50 MST 2008

Frame 7.1, Win XP

Just before a recent deadline, I had to cobble together a bunch of content
from disparate locations. 

I'm going to need to archive my source files soon and it occurs to me that
locating all of the graphics is going to be tricky.

I'd like to generate a list of all the linked graphics, move all of the
stragglers into sub-directories and then redo the links.

There are about 40 files in the book. I guess I could generate MIF files and
look through for .graphics files, but that seems tedious. Is this my only
option or can I generate a list that shows the various file locations
directly from the book?

Thanks in advance.

J. Paul Kent

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