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Frame does see fonts manually activated from Suitcase, that is not the issue. What I would like to resolve (but I guess with Frame it is not quite possible) is the auto-activation of the fonts used in specific products. I.e. I have multilingual production and different fonts are necessary to operate them - though they have the same names, they are using different maps (the first reason why I turned to Extensis, because good old ATM wouldn't cut it at all without removing fonts and putting new ones.) So in InDesign (as an example) Suitcase activates fonts based on the file I open - i.e. if I open Czech file - fonts from Czech folder get active. As I open Greek file - greek fonts get active and the Czech ones get de-activated because they have the same names. Do you follow?


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> > well, Extensis provides plugins for Illustrator, InDesign and Quark. I wonder
> > if anyone thought of making one for Frame... Probably I should file a request
> > with the developers for such a thing. Might be useful to many people.
> The application plug-ins are for auto-activation.
> One can still activate required fonts manually in Suitcase.
> Older programs may require a restart before they will "see" the fonts; newer
> programs should recognize the new fonts after a second or two.
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