removal of inline heading punctuation from x-ref

Michael Pearson mt_pearson at
Tue Mar 1 06:52:09 CST 2011

Hi Rob,

I see this post is a few days old, but don't think you've had a 
response yet so I'll give it a go. Here's what I think you're saying: 
you have a cross-reference of definition <$paranum> or 
<$paranumonly> that points to a paragraph with pagination 
properties set to Run-In Head and with numbering properties set to some 
Autonumber Format. If all of that is correct (and I'm not convinced it 
is), then the punctuation you're seeing is defined in the referenced 
paragraph's (that is, the Run-In Head paragraph's) Autonumber Format 
properties. Depending upon the look you need for those Run-In Head 
paragraphs, you *may* be able to remove the punctuation from the 
Autonumber Format and, instead, put that punctuation in the paragraph format's Run-In Head--Default Punctuation field on the Pagination tab.

If none of this is helpful, please post the exact format definition of the cross-reference, as well as the numbering properties of the 
paragraph being referenced. That might elicit some better answers for you.



Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 15:03:37 +1030
Subject: removal of inline heading punctuation from x-ref
From: robnurflugel at
To: framers at

Hi folks,
We have run into an interesting problem here with some cross references. They all refer to paragraph numbers, but where the paragraph has an inline heading, the full stop punctuation is added to the end of the paragraph number. Does anyone know a way around this. Frame version 7.2

Rob Wallis 


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