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Hi K'Chebe,


There is no way to do this with stock FrameMaker, but it could be done with
FrameScript. Here is how it might work. You would specify a user variable
for the script to use; this could be specified in an INI. For example,





Now when you open or print the document or book, the script will
automatically run and set the value of the ShortFileName variable to the
name of the FrameMaker document without the path or extension. Since the
script is setting the value of a user variable, you are free to use this
variable anywhere you want, or not use it at all. And, because the script
runs automatically, you won't have to think about it once you create the
variable and put it where you want it.


If you are interested in a script like this, please contact me off list.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you very


Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.


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I would like to be able to incorporate the framemaker file name into the
title of my document.  If I make use of the variable "Filename (Short)" I am
able to get the results that I want with the exception of the ".fm" that
comes along for the ride.  Does anyone know of an alternate method of
getting the filename returned WITHOUT the .fm extension.  


K. Grace

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