OT: Acrobat 9.4.2 does save/export all graphic formats

Klaus Daube frame at daube.ch
Mon Mar 14 04:13:45 CDT 2011

Dear all,

Obviously i had my glass of wine to early! See http://forums.adobe.com/thread/798630 for the whole 
story of my re-re-re-istallation of Acrobat.
    * The installation of 9.0 from the TCS2 DVD was OK
    * After update to 9.2 my tests displayed correct results for all desired tasks
    * After the update to 9.4.2 i obviously did not test thoroughly enough (hence the glass of whine).
System: Windows 7 x64

Later it turned out that 9.4.2 does not save/export graphic formats:
    * jpg, jp2 does not save anything, and no error message gives a hint
    * doc, rtf save issue error message "Save As failed to process this document. No file has been 
    * png and tif do not save anything, and no error message gives a hint
    * pdf (all flavours), eps and ps are exported correctly
    * html (all flavours) export a html file and the image as jpg correctly
    * xml table and xml export correctly
    * txt (both flavours) are exported correctly

Hence the only method i can get a picture is to export as HTML and through away the HTML... or: 
enlarge the picture as much as possible on the screen and take a screen shot.

What is missing in this installation?
During my re-re-re-installtions some Windows updates may have happened.

Any help available in this issue?
Klaus Daube

Any help available for this issue?
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