Index Troubles: No Openable Nongenerated Files?

Karen Robbins karendesign at
Thu May 26 19:07:32 CDT 2011


Yay! Opening all the files at once worked. You hit it on the head, 
something is causing FrameMaker to not be able to open all the files 
in the background. Where would I start looking?

thanks for the workaround,

At 4:12 PM -0700 5/26/11, Combs, Richard wrote:

>So, did you try opening them all and then generating the index? 
>(From the book window, hold the Shift key and go to File > Open All 
>Files in Book.)
>Do you have unresolved cross-references, missing fonts, etc.? To 
>update/generate, FM has to open and scan all the files in the 
>background. It sounds like some error condition prevents it from 
>doing this in the background (without being able to prompt you for 
>what to do about the error condition).
>Richard G. Combs
>Senior Technical Writer
>Polycom, Inc.
>richardDOTcombs AT polycomDOTcom
>rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom
>Karen Robbins wrote:
>>  I cannot generate an index from my book file. The book error log
>>  reads "Couldn't update this book, because it contains no openable
>>  nongenerated files." It doesn't name a document file that caused the
>>  problem, only the book file itself.
>>  I am certain that the 13 files in my book are openable and
>>  nongenerated, as I've been working on them for days. <snip>

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